About us

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My Active and Healthy Ageing is a 4-year Horizon 2020 - European Union funded Project wich has been awarded a total budget of 4 million euro and started on January 2016.
My-AHA consortium, coordinated by Prof. Alessandro Vercelli – NIT University of Torino, joins 16 countries in Europe, Asia and Australia to fight the effects of frailty and support prevention.

Aims and Relevance
The main aim of my-AHA is to reduce frailty risk by improving physical activity and cognitive function, psychological state, social resources, nutrition, sleep and overall well-being. It will empower older citizens to better manage their own health, resulting in healthcare cost savings. my-AHA will use state-of-the-art analytical concepts to provide new ways of health monitoring and disease prevention through individualized profiling and personalized recommendations, feedback and support.

An ICT-based platform will detect defined risks in the frailty domains early and accurately via non-stigmatising embedded sensors and data readily available in the daily living environment of older adults. When risk is detected, my-AHA will provide targeted ICT-based interventions with a scientific evidence base of efficacy, including vetted offerings from established providers of medical and AHA support. These interventions will follow an integrated approach to motivate users to participate in exercise, cognitively stimulating games and social networking to achieve long-term behavioural change, sustained by continued end user engagement with my-AHA.


MY-AHA coordinator, Prof. Alessandro Vercelli (University of Turin), presents the project.