Partner Institutions

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The partnership behind the my-AHA project has been carefully selected to perform effectively and efficiently the experimental, technological, ergonomic, psychosocial and societal research, and to ensure a multidisciplinary approach, which is generally recommended to managing and understanding cognitive decline disorders. 
My-AHA has a considerable degree of complexity. For this reason, it requires the integration of partners that have scientific knowledge and technical competency shown by previous experiences, by the list of publications and by the participation to EU projects. The consortium as a whole covers the expertise needed for the project, as well as is well balanced in terms of goals achieving, thanks to the wide range of skills that represents.
The consortium comprises sixteen partners balanced between academic institutions, research centres and SMEs coming from seven European countries (Austria, Germany, Italy, Netherland, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom) and three non-European countries (Australia, Japan and South Korea).
The collaboration among professionals coming from different disciplines (i.e. psychology, engineering, social science, neuroscience, medicine, administration, business) ensures the integration of knowledge and is the basis of the holistic approach needed to study cognitive and functional decline. 
It is important to emphasize that my-AHA’s structure is specifically designed to ensure complementarity between participants.
All foreign country partners will be funded by local funding mechanisms in their countries, and will implement their validation study arm and play an important role in dissemination and exploitation later on in the project.
Exception is made for JIN, the Japanese manufacturer of MEME. In fact MEME glasses are an innovative, and so far the only eyewear worldwide that relay on eye tracking and motion sensing technology to exploit the potential of the big data deriving from one’s eye sensing. MEME glasses will be given free of charge to my-AHA consortium for the project. The effort required as funding to JIN is to ensure the technical handling of the devices in the project. To integrate MEME in my-AHA platform, the consortium partners will jointly develop the necessary customization process.