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The overall project is structured in eight work packages (WPs)

WP1 includes all activities related to the project management and coordination. Subtasks there are guidance of the partners, the creation of information standards, and tracking of the overall process.

WP2 is related to the requirement analysis and the conceptual design. The requirement analysis brings together the requirements from the content partners and from the end-users. Technical requirements will complement this overview too. As result from the analysis, service architecture will be specified to be considered for the technical WPs. WP2 also investigated into new design concepts for service adaptation and sharing strategies.

The main objective of WP3 is to define the risk models and the intervention strategies for each frailty component. The intervention strategy will aim to improve physical fitness, balance and motor abilities.

The main objective of WP4 is to set up the algorithms for signal processing and for extracting key parameters as main put of risk detection and user performance assessment.

In WP5 interactive services are developed for different devices, e.g. on Smart TV and Smartphone. Regarding the results from previous WP (architecture WP2, intervention strategies WP3), services are developed for real-time environments (tracking of relevant data, access to relevant functionalities on different devices).

WP6 is devoted to the development of services for risk modelling and analysis, which will support end-users in their efforts to live a healthy life.

In WP7 the platform and services will be evaluated with user samples from different countries. The results of the first evaluation will help to improve the concepts. The improved concepts will be evaluated in a second evaluation study.

The main objective of WP8 is the development of a business model as a holistic approach for care provider and associated service provider and suppliers (incl. platform vendors) as well as to establish a network for dissemination the scientific results.